University Consortium for Children and Families/Department of Children and Family Services (UCCF/DCFS) Training Project is a collaborative endeavor between the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services and the graduate programs of social work at the following universities:

California State University Long Beach

University of California Los Angeles

University of Southern California

California State University Los Angeles

California State University Northridge

California State University Dominguez Hills

Azusa Pacific University

The overall goal of this collaborative project is to increase the professional skills and knowledge of Los Angeles County public child welfare workers. Through the efforts of three universities, CSULB, UCLA, and USC, the UCCF provides in-service training to newly-hired social workers, case-carrying social workers, staff who support case management personnel, management staff, community partners, and specialized pre-service for MSW students.

Training Curriculum
The UCCF provides a continuum of training to approximately 6,000 DCFS case-carrying social workers and those who supervise and manage them each year. Training is geared to DCFS staff classifications, such as Children’s Social Workers, Supervising Children’s Social Workers, Training Unit Supervisors, as well as specific categories of staff such as Adoptions workers, Hotline workers, Command Post workers, Management positions, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Supervisors.

Training topics are identified through DCFS training needs assessments, DCFS/UCCF work groups, and Management staff directives. The curriculum is competency-based, drawing from competencies that are nationally recognized as state-of-the-art, and prioritized by DCFS/UCCF work groups. Training curriculum is developed and delivered through a variety of means but always heavily reliant on University experts.

MSW Stipend ProgramĀ 

The UCCF provides stipends and specialized training to up to 124 total MSW students from the seven universities who are placed at DCFS, receive specialized Child Welfare training as part of their MSW coursework, and commit to a two year employment contract with the Department upon graduation. Each university has an innovative, specialized field education unit to help prepare the MSW students for their profession in Social Work.